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Diced natural almonds

Diced Natural Almonds

diced natural almonds

We manufacture and produce diced natural almonds. The diced natural almonds are being traded and commerced in Greece and internationally in wholesale prices.

  • Commercial name: Diced natural almonds kernels
  • Sort: Natural diced
  • Grades: -
  • Sizes: 2-4mm, 4-6mm
  • Variety: All available (padre, carmel, mission, ferragnes, largueta, guara)
  • Origin: Greek, Californian (USA)
  • Taste: Typical of almonds
  • Color: Typical natural diced almonds
  • Process: Dicing
  • Fumigation: According to clients request
  • Packing method: Carton box with plastic foil
  • Net weight: 10 kgs
  • Shipping information: on europallet (720 kgs), 20'' container (12.000 kgs), 40'' container (20.000 kgs)
  • Comments: Diced natural almonds are suitable for confectionery industry.