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Shelled pistachios - Pistachio kernels

Greek Shelled Pistachios - Pistachio Kernels

greek pistachios kernels

Process, production, trade and suppliyng of Greek pistachios kernels which are known for their top quality and great taste. Greek pistachios kernels are naturally skined kernels of green and red color. The inner color of pistachio kernels is always green. After processing the Greek inshell pistachios, we separate the whole Pistachio kernel from Pistachio kernel split - halves and then we pack them in bulk, in 25 kgs bags or 10 kgs carton boxes. After packing, the pistachio kernels are being commerced in Greece and internationally in wholesale prices.

  • Commercial name: Pistachio nut kernels (Whole shelled pistachios)
  • Sort: Natural kernels
  • Grades: Whole
  • Sizes: -
  • Variety: Long type pistachios (Aegine), Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Kerman
  • Origin: Greek, Californian (USA), Iranian
  • Taste: Sweet in raw or roasting process
  • Color: Green-Red skin and inner green kernel
  • Process: Raw
  • Fumigation: According to clients request
  • Packing method: PP bags, Carton boxes with plastic foil
  • Net weight: 25 kgs, 10 kg
  • Shipping information: on europallet (720-750 kgs), 20'' container (12.000 kgs), 40'' container (20.000 kgs)
  • Comments: Suitable for raw, roasted consumption or confectionery and cosmetic industry.
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