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With nearly 30 years of experience, our company history is consistently profitable and continuously innovative. Our obsession with returns is absolutely grower-oriented, and our passion for excellence and improvement is the driving force that keeps us competitive.

Makin nuts is serious about partnering with growers who want a marketing counterpart with a long-term view and adaptable methods that maximize opportunities and minimize risks. As almond and pistachio growers ourselves, we have a good idea what it takes to prosper in this industry. We have been almond sellers long enough to understand the forces that govern our market. It’s our job to know, track and recognize any potential difficulties. Our team of farmers consist of: 40 Almonds producers, 32 Pistachio growers, 15 peanuts cultivators, 8 walnuts growers, 4 hazelnuts farmers, who have planted more than 5000 trees in 450 acres. The number of farmers is continously rising .

Makin nuts' growers receive timely, useable production reports along with annual reports containing detailed information on their crop. These actionable reports show much more than the industry standards. We make grower service and appreciation a priority, ensuring that our growers receive the most superior almond and pistachio processing, marketing, and payment services possible. Our grower representatives provide their experience and expertise to assist growers throughout the season and eagerly seek out new growers to become part of the Makin nuts family.

If you would like more information in regards to grower services, and cultivate almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts or walnuts for us, even if you are in USA, Latin America, Asia, Australia, or Europe, do not hesitate to contact with us at: